1. Buy my book!!!! (Please)
  2. Make sure your sausage meat is GF for your stuffing.
  3. Have GF cookie dough in the freezer (take out, cut and cook). p.s you can find this in my book!
  4. Have GF croutes in an air tight container for all those GF nibbles with wine.
  5. Loaf of GF bread in the freezer.
  6. Go Free Nestle coco pops for breakfast (just discovered them, they are very tasty) or my homemade granola – you can also find this in my book!!
  7. Sauces for Christmas Dinner – back to basics, just reductions like your granny use to make!
  8. If none of the above work you can book a Gluten Free Cookery Course in my cookery cottage to help for Christmas 2017.
  9. The perfect hangover cure – My white bean and sausage casserole, it has got plenty of kick!
  10. If all else fails – Drink and be merry!!!!!

Happy Christmas and New Year and talk to you all in 2017 or keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram

Yours faithfully

Gearòid Lynch